Reiki Works Events

How Can I Learn More?

"Reiki will teach you," said lineage bearer Hawayo Takata, who practiced Reiki from 1937 to her death in 1980. Taking the First Degree Reiki Class is the starting point. In this class you will receive the initiations, the history of Reiki, the basic hand positions for self-treatment and the treatment of others, and suggestions for how to use Reiki in your daily life.


Second Degree class is for students who feel called to a deeper practice, and is usually not offered until at least a year after a student's First Degree initiation. In Second Degree, you receive symbolic tools for your practice, including distant treatment.


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Class Offerings in Your Area

Reiki is leading me to expand my vision of my practice. Currently based in Portland, Oregon where I offer both treatments and classes, I am available to teach in other places as well. Don't hesitate to contact me for information about Usui Shiki Ryoho teachers near you... and if there are none, I'll be happy to discuss the possibility of holding a class in your area!


Special Events

Reiki Reunion ♥ Renew and Refresh Our Practice  June 22, 2019 10am-4pm

This workshop is for Eastern Oregon students. Reiki Master Janet Warner and I will share Reiki treatments and stories, tips for enhancing our practice and self-treatment, and get the latest news from The Reiki Alliance international conference. Contact me for details!