Welcome to Reiki Works

Life is a work in progress. Work with it.

My joy is to work with people seeking the fullest, richest experience of life – in every moment!

We all have enormous power available to us. We can co-create and shape our lives. None of us is too ill, too poor, or too overwhelmed to tap into this power. And none of us is too healthy, wealthy, or wise to dismiss the power of Life Energy available to us with each breath.

At Reiki Works, I share the profound gifts of Reiki with you in treatments and classes. My own life work deepens and grows along with yours. Whether you’re dealing with pain, stress, illness, or seeking increased self-awareness and understanding, I invite you to contact me for a treatment or to take a class. Discover for yourself that Reiki works wonders!

Thanks for visiting me. Thanks also to Steve at Limbo Designs for the beautiful website. Click an image to explore the site. I'll welcome your feedback, questions, appointment requests, or registration for classes.

May your life work prosper and flourish!

Cynthia Lamb Faust

Reiki Master