Reiki Treatments

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A Reiki treatment is a quiet, gentle experience. The gentleness is, nevertheless, quite powerful. You remain clothed for your treatment. You may lie on the massage table or sit in a chair. I place my hands lightly on you, including your face and head, front and back body. A full treatment takes about an hour. A session may also include conversation if you request me to share intuitive insight with you. The cost of an initial 90-minute session for new clients is $75.00; follow-up treaments are $60.00.


Anyone can learn how to work with Reiki. Classes are an adventure that unfolds in the here-and-now, between Master and students. Working with simple demonstrations of the form, we explore through story-telling and conversation how to tap into the Universal Life Energy that is Reiki. I teach First Degree and Second Degree classes as well as preparing candidates for Master initiation.

In the First Degree class you learn the history of Reiki, the basic hand positions for self-treatment and the treatment of others, and suggestions for how to use Reiki in your daily life. The cost of the First Degree Class is $150.00.

Second Degree class is for students who feel called to a deeper practice, and is usually not offered until at least a year after a student's First Degree initiation. In Second Degree, you receive symbols to deepen your practice, including distant treatment. The cost of the Second Degree class is $500.00.

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I offer weekend workshops in creativity, transformation, and Master teaching for students and practitioners to refresh themselves in Reiki. Check the Events page for future opportunities.